Founded in 2012, Cleveland Vegan began its operation as solely a catering company.
Laura Ross & Justin Gorski, founders of Cleveland Vegan never imagined their little catering company to grow into what is today. With over 30 staff and growing, what makes their food, service & experience exceptional is the incredible team behind it all.

Learn more about their culinary, operations and management team below:


Justin Gorski


Justin has been cooking his whole life, although it took him about 35 years to get it right! 🙂

Besides cooking, cleaning, managing, leading the culinary catering team, picking up orders and washing random things at the shop, Justin hangs out with his amazing wife, Laura (bless her soul) and three crazy & amazing children…Eli, Simone & Hugo. Justin has been playing music almost as long as he has been cooking, he loves milkshakes, pizza and anybody that will cook food for him. He meditates every day, or at least tries to, and wants to continue to travel the world, record more albums, own an old 50’s pick-up truck! I guess we will see what happens…

Laura Ross


Laura Ross brings a diverse background to her work with Cleveland Vegan. She has been sharing the beautiful practice of yoga/meditation since 2005 and currently teaches at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio. Her work before taking over the management and operations of Cleveland Vegan was in the social work field where she coordinated the Volunteer program at a local domestic violence organization.

Outside of working closely with the management team at Cleveland Vegan, Laura is joyfully involved with Eli, Simone & Hugo, her 3 beautiful children. She loves to read, travel and eat vegan food. She meditates daily and attributes her spiritual practice and plant-based diet to the reason she is able to manage the demands of her schedule. She is a strong advocate for veganism and is thrilled to offer an accessible way of eating for so many.

Julianna Lutz


Julianna has been with the Cleveland Vegan family since 2013. Her passion for sourcing local organic food has come to fruition with the help of many great local distributors and farmers. She hopes to make Cleveland Vegan even more sustainable from year to hear. When she’s not creating new menus or whipping up batches of biscuits, she’s at home cuddling with her cat Arnie.

Daniel Martinez


Before starting his new adventure in vegan baking, he was the assistant pastry chef at Bonbon Cafe in Ohio City. His passion for baking started while working in various bars and restaurants, finally working his way back to the kitchen. His mission is to bring all the knowledge he learned while doing french style baking to the vegan world.

Patrick Sheck


Patrick has worked in many restaurants around Cleveland over the years. After being vegan for several years he is happy to help offer a cruelty free dining option for those looking to try out a vegan diet. In his spare time Patrick enjoys hiking and camping, music, history, and spending time with his wife and crazy dog.

Ashley Pratt


Ashley hails from Columbus, Ohio and joined the Cleveland Vegan team in 2017. She started her career in the hospitality industry as a server and bartender, prior to becoming an Event Coordinator in 2010. Ashley works closely with venues and vendors to provide a successful, enjoyable experience for all of her clients. Aside from coordinating, she engages in the administrative work to keep things flowing smoothly for all branches of CV. If there is one thing she is passionate about it is planning, and you can find her doing that in her work life and personal life. When she isn’t working you can find Ashley hiking the metro parks, kayaking and traveling around the world.