** Please Note – As Cleveland Vegan continues to grow rapidly, our focus is on continuing to ensure that we are sustaining the growth in a healthy and manageable way.
The last 6 months have been wildly busy and with that, we need to take a short break from offering our Personal Chef Service for the month of March (after March 4th service) and for the month of April. We will restart the service the first week of May! Thank you for all of your support!

How it Works:

Each week on Mondays you will receive:

– 2 breakfast meals
– 4 lunch or dinner meals
– 1 dessert
Cost – $75/person or $140 for 2 people

– Plus plenty of Add-On options each week are available to order along with the meal package.
– Additional fee for delivery
– Pickup is available at our cafe – 17112 Detroit Ave in Lakewood on Mondays from 3-4pm

Order once, weekly, or whenever you want!

Contact us here to get added to our Personal Chef Service (PCS) email list or to receive more information – clevelandvegan@gmail.com



February 25


-Chocolate Chia Pudding w/ almond joy granola parfait

-Greek Frittata – broccoli, onion, spinach, olives, tzatziki sauce


-BBQ Tofu Wrap – blueberry BBQ sauce, onion, peppers, kale

-Japanese Sushi Sandwich – marinated tofu, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber   

-Tempeh Meatball Alfredo Pasta w/ roasted veggies

-Thai Peanut Salad- crispy tempeh, carrot, shaved Brussels, cucumber, Thai peanut dressing


-Cherry Chocolate Chip Scone (GF Option Available)


Lentil Sausage Patties – $5

Bagel & Garlic Schmear – $5

Cheesy Potatoes – $5

Beet Burger Slider – $10

Irish Benedict – $10

  • Please note – if desired, more quantities can be ordered of either the breakfast or lunch/dinner options


March 4


PB Overnight Oats topped w/ caramelized bananas

Breakfast Sandwich – lentil sausage, tofu omelet, cheese, tomato, chipotle mayo on multigrain bread


Garlicy Seitan Wrap – onion, peppers, kale, chipotle mayo

Chana Masala – stewed chickpea and tomatoes, kale, cabbage, over jasmine rice

Blackened Tempeh Kale Caesar Salad – tomato, carrot, cucumber, cashew parm

Classic Jambalaya w/ side of cornbread


Cherry Hand Pie


Sweet Potato Hummus w/ Pita – $5

Brussels & Bacon – $5

Chopped Salad – $5

Classic Gyro – $10

Beet Burger Sliders – $10

  • Please note – if desired, more quantities can be ordered of either the breakfast or lunch/dinner options